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WordGenius gives you a 'simply better' access to Reference Titles

Simple - a single click for instant answers …if you like Windows, you'll love WordGenius

Better - easy and intuitive to use…so you can learn and work faster

Updated - the latest versions of the best Dictionaries from No. 1 US publisher

Off-line Instant Access - No need to 'navigate and wait' for online answers

Flexible - ideal for solving cross-word puzzles and researching words and meanings in every way

Compatible - WordGenius works seamlessly with all popular versions of MS Windows, from Windows 7 to Windows 10

Instant, Easy Access Right From Your Desktop

Your PC is the most useful work and learning tool you have.

WordGenius products give you instant and easy access to Random House's latest Reference products…right on your PC desktop. This means no more wasted time with cluttered reference websites.

WordGenius lets you work and learn better, faster and easier.

WordGenius products are compatible with all recent versions of Windows.

For more product and technical information, please download WordGenius Brochure (PDF)
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